Site Feature: Unique Turf Installations Part 1

As a commercial floor covering contractor, we’re known for our corporate installations in office buildings, hospitality locations, and healthcare facilities. Our work doesn’t stop there. We are frequently a part of projects that require unique installations for fun events. Below are some photos from an event held by Tostitos® to set the world record for the most field goals successfully kicked, to raise awareness and funds for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of New York City. The “fiesta” took place in the one-in-a-million, iconic Times Square.

Tostitos® Fiesta In The Square

2011 – Benefitting Big Brothers, Big Sisters of New York City

Industry Trend We’re Into: Non-Traditional Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are known for their versatility and ease of installation. Traditional carpet tiles are manufactured in square sizes such as 24” x 24” and 50 cm x 50 cm. However, we’ve been enjoying the innovations of new carpet tiles that have created interesting new shapes: crystals, hexagons and planks. These non-traditional tiles have seen a popularity increase as many of the major manufacturers have debuted these designs as recently as the 2013 NeoCon Showcase.

Plank Tiles

The “plank” design for carpet tiles has been catching on in popularity over the past few years. With several of the major carpet manufacturers producing their designs, there are many options to choose from. One of our favorite products is Interface’s “Walk The Plank” – a 25 cm x 1 m plank tile available in a variety of colors. The striations allow for a beautiful installation in both ashlar and herringbone patterns – and can even be installed along with the company’s standard 50 cm x 50 cm tiles. Mannington Commercial recently debuted their Redefined Collection of plank tiles to great reviews and fanfare at NeoCon. The collection, which features herringbone, tweed and other classic fashion patterns can also be installed in ashlar and herringbone layouts. The tiles, which are 18″ x 36″ are available in classic neutral colorways such as charcoal, cream and chocolate. Bentley Mills also offers their stylishly designed products in 18″ x 36″ planks.

Hexagon Tiles

Another popular debut at NeoCon this year was Shaw Contract’s Hexagon Collection. The collection features four designs with bevel, linear, and solid designs that can be installed together or separately for a range of aesthetics. Because these tiles have six sides, the design impact of the installations are endless.

Crystal Tiles

Brooklyn’s Barclays Center is a premier arena, receiving acclaim for it’s design since opening last year. The custom crystal carpet by Vorwerk was installed throughout the space, including the suites, corridors and VIP areas. With neutral colors and a unique crystal cut pattern, this carpet is one of a kind and something worth noting as a trend for other manufacturers to take note of.

Site Feature: Major Financial Institution

Constantine "Sendal" in a conference room

Constantine “Sendal” in a conference room

Project: Major Financial Institution

Location: New York, NY

Completed: August 2012

Scope: 25,935 square feet

Major Products Used: Constantine – Sendal

Architect: TPG Architecture


Sustainable Series: Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

At Consolidated, we are proud that 21% of our office supplies are eco-friendly, compared to the 8% average of other companies. This is just another way we strive to be sustainable!

2013 EcoFriendly Supplies

* “Sustainable Series” is a blog series created by Consolidated Carpet to share tips and perspectives about green options & best practices.

Consolidated, Charities & The Community

Recently, Consolidated had the opportunity to support and participate in two amazing charity fundraising events. As a company deeply involved in our community and giving back to those in need, we were happy to be a sponsor at both the “A Taste of Down Under” – A Food & Wine Tasting to Benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association and IMPACT|NY’s Summer Soiree.

On June 24, we took to the Tribeca Rooftop to support the Muscular Dystrophy Association at an Australian-themed fundraiser. With an authentic musician from “down under”, guests were treated to a great show with horns, shakers and noise makers. The event featured food from local hotspots The Australian, American Flatbread, The Thirsty Koala, Waltzing Matilda’s Bakery and more – paired with wines from Old Bridge Cellars, De Bortoli Wines, and Sileni Estates (to name a few!). It was an uplifting event to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this event which enhances the MDA’s support of 10 local healthcare facilities.

Two days later, our team attended the IMPACT|NY event hosted by IIDA NY and designNYC at the Prince George Ballroom. IMPACT|NY was founded to increase the visibility and stress the importance of pro bono design work in the New York City area. Applicants were encouraged to submit designs that will make difference in an outpatient facility in Harlem. We were honored to be one of the event’s event sponsors and look forward to seeing the final outcome of the facility once the project is completed!

5 Reasons To Use Carpet Tile

Carpet tile, also known as modular carpet, is growing in industries such as government, education, hospitality, retail, healthcare and corporate firms. According to Floor Covering News, “modular carpet has been growing to the point where it now represents at least half of all soft surface commercial sales.” This increase could be attributed to the fact that modular carpet tile has a wide range of shapes and sizes. The most common types are 24” x 24” and 50 cm x 50 cm, with a wide variety of plank options as well. The design elements of the tile allow for the user to choose from a variety of options enabling them to customize their carpet.


1. Flexibility : Carpet tile allows you to create a unique look with the variety of colors, styles, materials, and patterns. The tiles are easy to reconfigure and used to create different designs within the floor. You can also use the tiles as an alternate to an area rug! Carpet tiles allow you to bring out your creative side and enable you to change your style as frequently as you would like.


 2. Sustainability : Many brands of carpet tiles are made from natural and recycled fibers and can be recycled themselves. With a wide variety of backing options for carpet tile, many do not require the use of adhesives, reducing the amount of product utilized.


3. Easy Maintenance : Cleaning up a mess is a breeze with carpet tiles. An area with a spill can simply be replaced instead of having to replace your entire floor. If it becomes dirty, stained, or damaged, the tile can be replaced with little effort and expense. Using modular carpet makes it easy to take out an individual piece of carpet, clean it, and then put it right back where it was.


4. Durability/Performance : Carpet tiles are built to last and withstand high-trafficked areas especially in a corporate setting.  It is essential that carpet tiles can handle the volume of people that walk over them every day. Due to its durability carpet tile generally has a long life cycle.


5. Easy Installation : Since carpet tile can be done in sections, installations can be done with furniture left in place. If your office decides to move, you can take apart the tile and take it with you. Then in little time at all, the carpet can be reassembled. There are several ways that carpet tile can be installed. Each way generates a new looks to the area. The picture to the left shows the different ways that carpet tiles can be installed.