Site Feature: Unique Turf Installations Part 3

Campari America’s American Honey Bar-sity Athletics Social Sports Program

Photo courtesy of Twitter user @KayArmstrong

Photo courtesy of Twitter user @KayArmstrong

In April 2013, Campari America hosted their first ever American Honey Bar-sity Athletics Social Sports Program celebrity kickball game. Taking place in Times Square, we installed an American Honey branded turf where celebrities like Ryan Lochte and Donovan McNabb played an exciting game of childhood favorite sport, kickball.  Proceeds from the charity event went to the Boston Red Cross to help the victims of the Boston bombing tragedy. Below are some photos from the event and from our social media platforms.

Halloween-Inspired Interiors

When it comes to interiors & décor, a great time to try something different and unique is during the holiday season. As we swiftly move through fall, we’ve are reaching our first holiday of the season: Halloween. From blogs to interior design magazines and social media, lovers of Halloween decorations are sharing their favorite designs. Below are some of our favorite spooky, funky, and fun Halloween-inspired interiors.

Halloween At Work

Who says holidays are only celebrated at home? With so much time spent at your desk and workplace, it’s a great place to share in the festive spirit of the holiday. This simply-decorated trash brings a few laughs to the office, without going over the top.

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Now, if your office likes to “go big” when it comes to holiday décor – check out these elaborate decorations. With a lot of work, a few ladders, and an open imagination – your clients & associates can truly feel the spooky spirit of the holiday with the large spiders and skeletons.

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Halloween At Home

With so many decorations spread across lawns, front yards, and entryways – we are enjoying these festive touches on the home’s interior. Remodelista recently posted the interior of a home that resonated with Halloween so much, that we had to share the skull artwork over the home’s fireplace. A little bit eerie, this room conveys how one statement piece can make all the difference in a room (plus, the worn look of the patterned rug is irresistible)!

Via Remodelista

Via Remodelista

We were instantly drawn to the bright and bold orange credenza paired with the awesome striped carpet, masculine sculptures and lighting in the second photo. With the versatile accessories, we are sure that you can amp this piece up to really capture the holiday – whether you are hosting a party or placing your trick-or-treat candy bowl on this table.


Via Pinterest

Last, but not least, is the epitome of Halloween decor. Why not go all that way with the theme and arrange family relics, vintage-inspired photos, and scary pieces to create a mantle that is both spooky AND chic?

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Which is your favorite Halloween-Inspired look? Tell us in the comments!

Consolidated Supports Breast Cancer Awareness


Each October, our associates support Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing pink. Many members of our team proudly participate in various walks and runs in the Metro NYC Area.  We keep all of the women & men who are currently fighting, those who have survived, and those we have lost to this disease in our thoughts.

Some of our NY Associates wearing pink on October 18, 2013 in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Some of our NY Associates wearing pink on October 18, 2013 in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Awareness and education about the disease is vital to help increase survival rates. Here are some facts and figures from the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer site that are worth noting:


  • A woman has a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime.
  • Every 3 minutes, there is a new diagnosis of invasive breast cancer.
  • Approximately 230,480 women and 2,140 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.
  • Every 13 minutes, a life is lost to breast cancer.
  • 39,520 women and 450 men in the U.S. will die from the disease annually.
  • The National Cancer Institute estimates that approximately 2.6 million U.S. women with a history of breast cancer are living today, more than half of whom were diagnosed less than 10 years earlier.  Most of these individuals were cancer-free, while others still had evidence of cancer and may still  be undergoing treatment.
  • There are more than 250,000 women under the age of 40 in the U.S. living with breast cancer, and over 11,000 will be diagnosed this year.
  • White, non-Hispanic women are more likely to develop breast cancer but African-American women are more likely to die from it.
  • Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among Hispanic women.


  • Survival for men with breast cancer is similar to survival for women, when their stage of diagnosis is the same.
  • Men at any age may develop breast cancer, but it is usually found in men between 60 and 70 years of age.
  • Male breast cancer makes up less than 1% of all cases of breast cancer.
  • Male breast cancer is sometimes caused by inherited gene mutations, and a family history of breast cancer can increase a man’s risk.

Throwback Thursday: Starnet Design Award Wins

Through the years, we have been honored with many Starnet Design Awards, ranging from bronze to gold, and including markets from corporate to education. Enjoy some of out #TBT award highlights over the past 10 years!

Sustainable Series: Cost-Effective Green Gifts For Fall

This reusable FEED bag is available at Target. Proceeds from each bag help to serve 8 meals to those in need.

This reusable FEED bag is available at Target. Proceeds from each bag help to serve 8 meals to those in need.

As we’re heading into the season of giving – between Halloween handouts and Holiday gifts, we wanted to share some great “green” gift ideas. Here are some of our favorites to help spark some ideas on how to share sustainability!

  • Pencils: A fun & practical gift to give out – made from recycled plastic, recycled denim or even recycled money
  • Tattoos: What kid doesn’t love a fun temporary tattoo? Spread the idea of sustainability with recycle-themed ones
  • Coloring books: Earth-friendly themes are just the tip of the iceberg – many local stores now carry coloring books made from recycled paper
  • Shoe laces: One of the biggest trends of the year – colorful shoelaces! Recycled shoelaces are all the rage and are now easy to find online
  • Soy crayons: A great compliment to the sustainable coloring books!
  • Organic cotton, canvas or burlap tote bags: Versatile and customizable – tote bags are a great gift, and can even be used for trick or treating this fall! We like bags like the one featured above that helps support charitable causes.
  • Soy candles: For the older gift recipient – a great use of sustainable soy

Flashback Friday: 1960’s at Consolidated Carpet


Number of Full-time Associates – 86
Major Customers – Simon Manges, Custom Floors Albany, Ewing Carpet, N.Y. Planning, Sherland & Farrington. National Theatre Supply, Hornstein, Frazier Gold, Empire Office Equipment, Louis Tregre Assoc.
Major Projects – Burlington, J.P. Stevens, Warwick Hotel, Drake Hotel, World’s Fair, Merrill Lynch, Columbia University, New York University, Fordham University, Hotel Pierre, Wyndham Hotel, Windsor Hotel, Park Lane (Central Park South), Sheraton Motor Inn, St. Regis, Princess Hotel Bermuda, Castle Harbour Hotel Bermuda, Mayflower Hotel, Peter Cooper Hotel, Hilton Hotel Ethiopia, Home Lines, Saks 5th Avenue

In the 1960’s, we completed many Institutional installations, such as NYU, Columbia University and Fordham University. A majority of our business was still in the hospitality segment having worked on many major hotels in the New York City area and beyond. We even took our skills & business to Bermuda, completing work at the Princess Hotel and Castle Harbour Hotel.

The Foundation Of Our Flooring: Our Installers

As a labor house that was started in 1943, we have always known the importance of quality installations. For over 50 years we didn’t sell products, but rather just the installation for many large scale projects in the New York Metro area, and around the country. The foundation of our business always has been our exceptional installers and we’re proud of the skills and achievements they have acquired over the years.


  • Forbo Master Certification
  • Nora Pro Certification
  • Altro Technical Academy Training Course Certification
  • INSTALL Certification
  • NWFA Certification

Skilled In Installing

  • Carpet
  • Resilient Flooring – Vinyl, Rubber, Cork
  • Wood
  • Stone, Tile
  • Sports Flooring – Specialty, Turf
  • Floor Leveling & Pours

Sustainable Series: Reclamation Practices

At Consolidated Carpet, we’re extremely proud of our long-standing commitment to sustainability and reclamation. We aim to reduce our impact on the environment through initiatives in various areas of our organization, from the office and the warehouse to our jobsites. One of our longest standing sustainable programs is our Con-Serve Reclamation Program, that reclaims and recycles carpet.

Our Con-Serve Reclamation Program is one of the leading and most recognized carpet reclamation initiatives in the country. We have been collecting used carpet for reclamation studies since the late 1980s and are proud to be considered a national leader in our industry. In each of the past three years, we have salvaged over one million pounds of carpet, diverting it from local dumps and landfills.

We have established exceptional relationships with vendors and manufacturers to ensure that both unused and post-consumer carpet products are recycled. Locally, we have partnered with CarpetCycle – a leader in the recycling of commercial carpet tile, broadloom, and padding.

Whether it is unused carpet, carpet padding, or backings and fibers – we ensure that our organization is taking the steps necessary to continue success in reclamation and recycling!