Halloween-Inspired Interiors

When it comes to interiors & décor, a great time to try something different and unique is during the holiday season. As we swiftly move through fall, we’ve are reaching our first holiday of the season: Halloween. From blogs to interior design magazines and social media, lovers of Halloween decorations are sharing their favorite designs. Below are some of our favorite spooky, funky, and fun Halloween-inspired interiors.

Halloween At Work

Who says holidays are only celebrated at home? With so much time spent at your desk and workplace, it’s a great place to share in the festive spirit of the holiday. This simply-decorated trash brings a few laughs to the office, without going over the top.

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Now, if your office likes to “go big” when it comes to holiday décor – check out these elaborate decorations. With a lot of work, a few ladders, and an open imagination – your clients & associates can truly feel the spooky spirit of the holiday with the large spiders and skeletons.

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Halloween At Home

With so many decorations spread across lawns, front yards, and entryways – we are enjoying these festive touches on the home’s interior. Remodelista recently posted the interior of a home that resonated with Halloween so much, that we had to share the skull artwork over the home’s fireplace. A little bit eerie, this room conveys how one statement piece can make all the difference in a room (plus, the worn look of the patterned rug is irresistible)!

Via Remodelista

Via Remodelista

We were instantly drawn to the bright and bold orange credenza paired with the awesome striped carpet, masculine sculptures and lighting in the second photo. With the versatile accessories, we are sure that you can amp this piece up to really capture the holiday – whether you are hosting a party or placing your trick-or-treat candy bowl on this table.


Via Pinterest

Last, but not least, is the epitome of Halloween decor. Why not go all that way with the theme and arrange family relics, vintage-inspired photos, and scary pieces to create a mantle that is both spooky AND chic?

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Which is your favorite Halloween-Inspired look? Tell us in the comments!


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