Sustainable Series: Solar Energy Update

Nearly  6 months ago, we shared solar energy statistics generated from the solar photovoltaic system on the roof of our New Jersey Warehouse. Even though it was a much warmer 77 degrees back in August, we are still going strong with our energy generation and are proud to share the following stats:


Be sure to stay updated with our solar energy practices by visiting our website or solar microsite.


Vendor Feature: Bentley Mills

We’re fortunate to work with a variety of great flooring manufacturers with incredible product lines. One of these vendors is Bentley Mills, a California-based carpet manufacturer with beautiful collections of carpet tile and broadloom. With urban roots and inspiration, Bentley has a lengthy catalog of chic designs to use in all types of settings.

Hitchhiker & Savage Journey

With a simple, yet captivating linear design, Hitchhiker is a versatile choice from Bentley’s Western Edge Collection. Manufactured with Antron Lumena Nylon, the product is solution dyed and available in 12 colorways with neutrals and earth tones taking center stage. Bentley was inspired by “wiry, spindly vegetation in the desert” – a natural pattern that’s an easy stunner in any space. Also in the Western Edge Collection, Savage Journey is a coordinating product of Hitchhiker, with a smaller scale of the same pattern. Both products are available in broadloom, square tiles and plank tiles, and some of the most intriguing installations of these products feature plank shapes installed in a herringbone pattern (as seen in the below photo on the right).

Dry Lake & Salt Creek

Not to be outdone but their partners in the Western Edge Collection, Dry Lake & Salt Creek have complex linear patterns that stand out from the crowd. Available in the same standard 12 colorways as all the products in Western Edge, these products feature linear striations, opposed to the more geometric rectangular linear patterns as Hitchhiker and Savage Journey. As seen in the photo below, the use of “drop-in” accent tiles make the simple pattern pop, even when found in neutral colors.

Morro & Uluru

From the Interior Design Magazine Award-winning Clodagh Design’s Monolith™ Collection, the products have a tribal, yet sophisticated feel. With a natural pattern mimicking bark, Morro has linear striations dissecting each other in each direction. Uluru features a small scale grid pattern similar to the look of small stacked bricks. Both Morro and Uluru come in loop and shear styles and are manufactured with Antron® Legacy Nylon. Even though there are 27 standard colorways in neutrals and muted colors, there are over 185 options to choose  primary and accent colors from in Bentley’s “Create Color” tool, which gives you over 34,200 color combinations to choose from. To fit various backing needs, there are 5 different backings to choose on both of these products: High PerformancePC™, Optimum Barrier™ II, Prestige PlusRC™, Optimum BarrierRC™ II Cushion, and Easy Street Cushion.

Gotham Rises

The sophisticated, moody Gotham Rises carpet is another recent Bentley addition, available in 17 piece-dyed colorways ranging from to deep jewel tones to classic neutrals. Manufactured with Antron® Legacy Nylon, the “Create Color” tool can also be used to custom color the striped pattern with contrasting lines of various sizes. The collection is inspired by the saturated colors and simple lines commonly found in comic books, and the color names all follow the superhero theme with fun names such as “Justice Prevails”, “Hero of the Night”, and “Dynamic Duo”.

Not only does Bentley produce a superior product – they have a strong corporate culture, are involved in the community, and are passionate about sustainability. As a company, Bentley has frequently placed on lists for the best places to work in Los Angeles. Their glamorous products are commonly found on red carpet runways at major events and awards celebrations, including Presidential Inaugurations. Most importantly, Bentley has a level of awareness for sustainability, waste reduction, and reclamation that has placed them at the forefront of environmentally-friendly practices in the flooring industry.

All photos courtesy of Bentley Mills. We encourage you to visit the Bentley Mills Los Angeles Facebook Page and Bentley Mills Website for more photos and information.

Winter Design & Inspiration

Here in the Northeast, we’ve experienced a rollercoaster of a winter. With the polar vortex bringing temperatures down to single digits, then warmer than average temperatures in the last week – it’s been quite a ride. The forecast calls for colder weather as we head into the next week, so we are cozying up to the warm designs of winter inspiration on our mood board. Enjoy!

Winter Mood Board

  1. Ting London Leather Belt Flooring via
  2. Log Cabin Wallpaper Mural via
  3. Winter Wonderland “Let It Snow” via
  4. Twinkling Lights via
  5. Cozy Warmth via
  6. Rustic Wooden Floors via
  7. [e-spres-oh] Office in Timisora via

Site Feature: Empire State Building Corridors


Project: Empire State Building

Location: New York, NY

Completed: October 2011

Major Products Used: Milliken Custom Empire State Building Constellation Carpet

Architect: TPG Architecture

Site Information: A beautiful ceiling mural had been discovered during a lobby refurbishment.  TPG and the client were jointly inspired and together decided to reinterpret its graphic elements into a custom carpet design for all the public corridors in the building.  The challenges included creating the “constellation” design and getting the colors right.  For the design, elements were scaled down and arranged into a repeatable pattern.  More than 20 mock-ups were fabricated to match existing materials – cream colored marble with a dark green border.  Eventually, the green was matched and lightened, and a golden motif was selected which complemented the cream. With over 88 floors being completed in the Empire State Building, this design will be featured in the public corridors during the on-going project.


Flooring & Design Trends for 2014

Even though it’s been cold here in the Northeast, there are a lot of flooring and design trends heating up in the new year. We’re excited to share some of our favorite trends for the coming year and look forward to seeing how our favorite designers and companies implement these trends in the coming months!

Reclaimed Wood Floors

Back in September, we discussed some of our favorite wood installs, including reclaimed wood. This eco-friendly product is extremely versatile and can be used in homes, offices, and restaurant applications. Here at Consolidated, we have formed a partnership with local urban forestry pioneer company Citilog, who upcycles and repurposes urban trees into wood flooring, cabinetry, and millwork. The product, much like other reclaimed and restored wood that is installed as flooring, is a beautiful and rustic – providing charm and warmth to any space.

Viridian Engineered Flooring - reclaimed & recycled wood products

Viridian Engineered Flooring – reclaimed & recycled wood products

Industrial Design

Industrial finishes have been booming in popularity over the past several months. From dark wood and exposed brick to metal detailing and lighting, many corporate workplaces have adopted this aesthetic in their offices. The sparse and simplistic design is often contrasted with pops of color in accessories, as seen in the photo below. Our favorite aspect of the industrial trend is the move to using more concrete flooring in the spaces. With finished or stained concrete floors, spaces can be uniquely transformed.

Interior Architects for J. Walter Thompson in Atlanta, Georgia; photo by Eric Laignel via Interior Design Magazine

Interior Architects for J. Walter Thompson in Atlanta, Georgia; photo by Eric Laignel via Interior Design Magazine


As carpet and resilient products evolve, the shapes and installation methods introduced in the market have created some of our favorite trends. Plank shapes are one of the trends that we are looking forward to seeing more of in 2014. Carpet manufacturers like Interface have plank styles that can be installed in traditional brick and ashlar methods, as well as herringbone patterns. Mohawk Group encourages the installation of their patterned tiles to form plank patterns. The style options are endless with these designs!

Interface Net Effect Plank Products

Interface Net Effect Plank Products

Vibrant Colors

In markets like ours in New York City, neutrals have been king for years. More frequently than ever, we are seeing pops of color in the workplace – enhancing way finding throughout the space, creating focal points, and distinguishing collaborative areas from other spaces. In many cases, colors that are found in the organization’s logo are added to the design of the space to create heightened brand awareness in the office culture.

This organization's red found in their logo, can be seen in accessories around the office. Photo via Gensler

This organization’s red found in their logo, can be seen in accessories around the office. Photo via Gensler

What other trends are you enjoying in 2014? Tell us in the comments section!

Flooring For Healthcare

Great Room

One of the most important investments a healthcare facility makes is on their flooring. It is the one tangible feature of their buildings that every patient, doctor, and visitor comes into contact with. At Consolidated Carpet, we understand the specific requirements of healthcare design & are knowledgeable in the procedures & products that best suit these unique needs. What makes healthcare facilities unique is the fact that every piece of the environment from the lighting to the flooring, has a direct effect on the healing process for patients. Maintaining a quiet, peaceful facility that has heavy foot traffic and a great deal of noise is a challenge for those in charge of these healthcare locations. Luckily, there are a wide variety of products on the market that help keep the space clean and quiet, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Different Needs for Different Facilities

The different markets of healthcare facilities vary in their specific requirements to meet the needs of doctors, nurses, patients, and their family members. For example, hospital and medical centers often install more resilient products than carpet, as they are easier to disinfect in locations that have higher requirements for cleanliness. Senior care facilities often have carpet that makes walking and roller mobility easier on those living and working in the space. Laboratories and clean rooms call for static dissipative products, as well as those that help to prevent contamination. In all locations, way finding is vital to those moving throughout the facility, and can be enhanced with the proper flooring specifications.

Healthcare Product Attributes

Most healthcare facilities, while their specific needs may be somewhat different, typically look for products with the following attributes:

  • Stain resistance
  • Slip resistance
  • Anti-bacterial & anti-microbial
  • Sound mitigation

Performance & Maintenance

Because the flooring in a healthcare facility is such an important investment and aid to keeping patients healthy, proper maintenance is key. Maintenance begins before the flooring is even installed, by ensuring that the subfloor is level to avoid buckling, denting, or tripping hazards in the finished flooring. Once installed, manufacturer recommendations and standards should be followed to clean and sterilize the products, as well as keep a slip resistant surface.