Wellness & The Workplace

Yesterday, some of our team participated in a workshop hosted by Steelcase and the New York City Chapter of CoreNet Global. The discussion, centering around wellbeing in the workplace, focused on the science behind the evolving designs and trends in our corporate workplaces. The stats and ideas introduced to the audience opened the eyes of many, initiating an open conversation on how the modern workplace can affect personal wellbeing.

Wellness Costs & Spending

Leading off the talk was one of the most surprising segments of the discussion, involving the figures surrounding the amount we are spending on healthcare and wellbeing initiatives.


Wellness In The Workplace

After discussing healthcare and wellness costs, the conversation moved towards the workplace and how design can change the way people work and the levels at which they are engaged. It provided an interesting look at what can be done to keep productivity up, while providing an environment that keeps employees healthy and happy. It was found that we spend at least 36% of our time working, the most percentage of time spent on just one aspect of our lives. With that in mind, what can be done to ensure wellness in the workplace?


Observations & Solutions For Wellness Improvement

Our presenter for the event, James Brewer of Steelcase, reviewed some factors that can be of detriment or distraction in the workplace. With each of these factors, he offered a solution that could dramatically improve wellbeing.

Issue: With different work activities occurring on a daily basis, spaces are often inflexible to the specialized needs of each task. This can cause “work arounds”, tension and stress between groups of associates – directly affecting their wellbeing.

Solution: “Palette of Place”: Companies need to offer a variety of areas that can be used for the different tasks and needs of their associates. Having café areas and small conference rooms can help for groups who need to collaborate, without distracting those that may need more focus on their task at hand. It is beneficial to offer library areas and hoteling stations for the quieter needs of workers.

Issue: People often work in unhealthy ways, without knowing the implications of the bad habits. In a stress-filled, busy world, our health and physical activity is often the first thing to take the backseat.

Solution: “Palette of Posture”: Having the ability to change the posture and positioning of oneself throughout the day is extremely important to an individuals’ wellbeing. With options to stand at high top tables, move throughout the office with wheeling workstations, and change the height of tables and chairs can make the world of a difference to the workers health.

Issue: Workers have emotional needs that need to be fulfilled in the office. It goes beyond simply feeling connected to other associates, but also that they are part of the workplace and its culture. This is particularly heightened but when companies have various office locations, making it more challenging for associates to feel connected to one another.

Solution: “Palette of Presence”:  Although technology has greatly improved the ease of collaborative experiences, there are often times where real-time interaction is key. Companies are implementing video conferencing rooms, where teams across various locations can work on projects with a live video feed of the room. Rather than picking up the phone or sending an email if they have a question, they can simply speak to the person on camera in real-time.

Overall the workshop was a great tool to learn some more about the importance of sound design in the workplace. Thank you to James, as well as Steelcase  & CoreNet for hosting the event! (All of the information above was provided by the Steelcase team).

Flashback Friday: Consolidated Carpet In the 1980’s


Number of Full-time Associates – 170+
Major Projects – American Express Headquarters, Chase Metrotech, Davis Polk & Wardwell, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, Rockefeller Family & Financial, Milbank Tweed Headly & McCoy, Helmsley Palace

During the 1980’s, we experienced a boom in the number of law firms and legal institutions we completed work for. Many of these law firms have remained ongoing clients of our organization through the 21st Century. In the early half of the decade, we installed the carpet at the famous and luxurious Helmsley Palace Hotel. We helped cover Sixth Avenue in red carpet in 1982 for A Night of 100 Stars – an all-star variety special to celebrate the centennial of the Actors’ Fund of America. The event featured 100 stars, including Lauren Bacall, Tony Bennett, Milton Berle, Cher, Sammy Davis Jr., Robert De Niro, Grace Kelly, David Letterman, Penny Marshall, Liza Minnelli, Christopher Reeve, Ginger Rogers, Elizabeth Taylor, Donald Sutherland and more at an event at the iconic New York landmark, Radio City Music Hall.

The company celebrated its 40th Anniversary in October 1983 with a gala at the New York Sheraton in Midtown Manhattan. Associates, family members, and industry friends celebrated and honored the company for all of its incredible achievements. In addition, Consolidated saw its first public relations efforts in the 80’s, when we appeared in media and industry publications, including local Norwegian Newspaper, “Nordisk Tidende” and Interior Design Magazine.

Vendor Feature: Interface

When it comes to carpet tile, Interface has commonly been referred to as a standard in the industry. Around in Europe since 1955, the organization aims to create a quality line of carpet tiles, while giving back to the community and being environmentally responsible. By the time Ray Anderson, along with a group of investors, brought the modular tile to America in the early 1970’s, the stage had been set for Interface to manufacture a cutting-edge, durable, and well-designed product. Most recently, Interface has been at the forefront of designing and producing some of the most innovative carpet tiles on the market. Here are some of their newest, most versatile collections on the market.

Net Effect Collection

Taking inspiration from the flowing and swelling of the world’s oceans and seas, Net Effect features 6 styles that coordinate with one another to create a beautiful and unique finished installation. With 8 colorways in hues found at the shoreline, from the grays of “Artic”, “North Sea”, “Black Sea” and “Caspian”, the blues of “Atlantic” and “Pacific to the tans of “Driftwood” and “Sand”, there are a variety of applications to mix and match. The Net Effect Collection is a socially-responsible line, with the yarn created from recycled from discarded fishing nets. The collection of the nets helps to clean beaches and waters of small villages in the Philippines – providing income to help the area’s population.

B601, B602, B603

Styles B601, B602, and B603 are reminiscent of waves crashing on the shore. With random patterns looking like currents and sea foam, the products make for a uniquely dynamic installation. These styles are available in square 50 cm x 50 cm tiles and are constructed in a tufted pattern loop. Styles B601 and B602 are created from 64% recycled content, with B603 at 63%.

B701, B702, B703

Net Effect styles B701, B702, and B703 feature a more linear striation, inspired by the calm fluidity of the ocean, as well as the natural lines of driftwood and sticks floating in the current. The 25 cm x 1m planks are particularly impactful when installed in either an ashlar or herringbone pattern. Each style is constructed differently – B701 tufted sheared, B702 tufted pattern loop, and B703 tufted cut pile – which creates an interesting aesthetic when placed together. In addition, these styles have between 61% – 79% recycled content.

Trio & Duo

With the endless design possibilities of plank tiles, Interface’s Trio and Duo styles complement each other to create a classic aesthetic for any space. With tufted cut and loop construction created with 63% recycled content, the 25cm x 1m plank tiles can be installed in ashlar and herringbone patterns. The neutral colorways from grays and beiges to browns are muted and comforting. Trio offers a linear pattern with lines of varying thickness running lengthwise down the center of the plank. Trio’s complement, Duo, has subtle linear shading that serves as a more neutral backdrop to Trio’s pattern. In addition, Trio and Duo are both great additions to patterns featuring the Net Effect Collection.

The products above are the tip of the iceberg of interesting, colorful, and fun carpet tiles. Interface has built an exceptional online community, where customers and followers can stay informed about new products, company initiatives, and trends in the industry. With the launch of their updated website and presence on social media – Interface has created a fun and creative community for design professionals and fans alike. We encourage you to visit their new website at Interface.com/US/ and check out one of our favorite parts of their social media community – their Pinterest page.


*all photos courtesy of Interface

Valentine’s Day Inspiration

Love is most certainly in the air. We hope our Valentine’s Day inspiration board puts you in the mood to design and embrace the holiday. Enjoy!

Valentines Blog Post 2014

  1. Beautiful Typography via cameoblog
  2. Milliken Carpet “Allume” in “Radiant” via MillikenCarpet.com
  3. Santorini, Greece via thewonderblog
  4. Vibrant Door via formethereisonlyyou
  5. Lush Valentine Inspired Interiors via thedecorista
  6. Valentine Chic Room via thedecorista
  7. Valentine’s Candies via design-seeds
  8. “Heart of A Designer Pantone Pillow” via uncovet

Site Feature: Brookfield Properties

Brookfield Properties (10)

Project: Brookfield Properties

Location: New York, NY

Completed: February 2013

Scope: 69,000 square feet

Major Products Used: Milliken Custom “Velvet Rope” Carpet // Tandus Woven “Bella” Carpet // Armstrong SDT & VCT // Stile “Stilnovo XL” Wood Flooring in Oak with Custom Stain // Allstate “Belem” Rubber Tile // Johnsonite Straight Base

Architect: LSM Architectural Services

Project Information: As part of major renovations at Brookfield Place World Financial Center, Brookfield Properties’ Headquarters is an outstanding example of a well-designed space. It was a priority from the beginning of the project to ensure that the most sustainable fixtures, products and installation methods were used in completing the 14th & 15th Floor updates. In addition, it was key to Brookfield Headquarters to design a space using products that would not only aid in LEED-certification, but also complement the vibrant accent colors, unique lighting features, and featured artwork in the space.

With an emphasis on creating an environment that offers associates a multitude of collaborative spaces, various flooring products were used to differentiate the different types of spaces throughout the office. In the collaborate spaces such as the varied, high-traffic work café and the conference and breakout rooms, a linear patterned Milliken carpet was installed. This differentiates the setting in the collaborative areas from the more formal workstations of the office, which feature the classic, woven loop Tandus “Bella” carpet. The custom color carpet was a perfect choice to fit with the sustainability goals as it features Tandus’ “Ergo Step” attached cushion backing manufactured with recycled content.

All photos courtesy of James D’Addio

Flooring For Law Firms

With 21 out of the 25 top law firms in New York City as clients of Consolidated, we’ve gained years of experience in the sourcing and servicing the distinct needs of law firms. With such in depth knowledge in the market, we understand the unique challenges of working with law firms across the country, including firms with multiple office locations.

What Differentiates Law Firms From Typical Corporate Projects?

Law firms require quick turnaround for projects, often needing the process to be streamlined with facilities managers, operations managers or firm administrators. Close coordination with these individuals to ensure proper installation and maintenance are taken care of is of utmost importance to the project. In addition, often times the installations occur in occupied spaces – requiring that normal daily business operations are not disrupted.

Products that are found in law firms are often high quality wovens, stone, and wood. Color schemes vary from market to market, but most commonly in an urban setting like New York City, neutral colors such as light gray and beige are often chosen.

Going Green?

Many law firms we have serviced in the past several decades share our passion for sustainability. We help our clients navigate “green” options and establish the best goals, expectations and outcomes for their unique project needs and business objectives. Consolidated Carpet also utilizes LEED-recognized practices to support the efforts of clients seeking LEED certification, a desirable achievement for many of the law firms we have worked with in the past.