New York State of Mind

It’s that time of year again! From red, white, and blue in houses or stores to military appreciation. NYC has been the home for countless entrepreneurs and dreamers from the beginning of this country. That is a trademark of America, “A land where streets are made of Gold.” On the shore line, you will find Ellis Island, where millions of immigrants discovered NYC as a place of endless opportunities. The Meberg brothers saw an opportunity when they arrived to America- in which they founded Consolidated Carpet. Their dream grew and flourished with the help of New York City. Having the opportunity to create a company in one of the greatest cities and countries in the world is incredible. One of our recent installations was a pixilated map of Manhattan at the 53rd Street Public Library- Children’s Reading Room. Having an installation of one of our most loved cities, is nothing short of an honor. The design is hoped to be an inspiring and enjoyable space for the children!


NY Public Library