2016 Starnet Design Awards Celebration

We are beyond proud to celebrate our Gold Medal Winner in the 2016 Starnet Design Awards’ Education Category. The New Jersey City University School of Business welcomed all contributors to their space to display the award winning space. CEO David Meberg and Account Executive Marc Weinshel represented Consolidated Carpet at the event along with representatives from Clarke Caton Hintz, Del-Sano Construction, Milliken, J&J, and the NJCU Faculty.

The event commenced with a tour of the facility beginning in the Skyline Room. This room has become a favorite for many due to the incredible view of the New York skyline. After the tour of the space, CEO David Meberg gave a congratulatory speech to all of the contributors. The Starnet Awards were then distributed and each participant were recognized.

Thank you to all who have invested their time and dedication to the success of this project! collage






GNYFC Scholarship Luncheon with our Consolidated Family



Taking that next step into college is an exciting yet stressful time for both the students and parents. Parents are faced with the increasing cost of college tuition. The Greater New York Floor Coverers Association has been able to help alleviate that cost for the past 32 years.  The Francis J.P. McHale Scholarship and the Greater New York Floor Coverers Association Scholarship were awarded to three well deserving graduates. Two of which, were child of our very own Consolidated Carpet associates.

This year, we could not ask for a better day to celebrate and award three outstanding students at the annual Greater New York Floor Coverers Association Luncheon on June 2, 2016. John Kirkwood has been an installer at Consolidated for 30 years. His son, Joseph, was the proud recipient of the 2016 Francis J.P. McHale Scholarship. Joseph will be starting his next chapter at James Madison University in the Fall.

Nickel John graciously accepted the GNYFC Scholarship while his mother, Amelia John, proudly watched from the audience. Amelia works in the accounting department at Consolidated and is excited for Nickel’s success and future at the NYC College of Technology.

Consolidated Carpet is confident that these winners will uphold their outstanding academics and community service throughout their college experience. We are honored to help encourage and support their journey!

Consolidated Carpet Hosts Company Volunteer Event

We are proud to announce the success of our first company volunteer event! Consolidated Carpet hosted two PB&J Sandwich Making Days with the help of St. Francis Food Pantries & Shelters. The PB&J Sandwich Making Days are one of the many events that St. Francis holds in the effort to alleviate the physical and emotional hunger of the less fortunate. St. Francis provides a network of services and programs that counsels, feeds, and clothes those in need.

Associates from the NY and NJ offices and warehouse gathered in both offices to make sandwiches for the Bed Stuy Campaign Against Hunger and the Hoboken Shelter. The volunteers made a total of 3,424 sandwiches. This was a new record for St. Francis and a successful first PB&J Sandwich Making event for Consolidated Carpet.

“Thank you to all who have participated in this great event and helped to feed thousands of hungry people. I am proud of our success and the contribution from all of the Consolidated Carpet associates,” CEO David Meberg said.

collage NY

Wellness & The Workplace

Yesterday, some of our team participated in a workshop hosted by Steelcase and the New York City Chapter of CoreNet Global. The discussion, centering around wellbeing in the workplace, focused on the science behind the evolving designs and trends in our corporate workplaces. The stats and ideas introduced to the audience opened the eyes of many, initiating an open conversation on how the modern workplace can affect personal wellbeing.

Wellness Costs & Spending

Leading off the talk was one of the most surprising segments of the discussion, involving the figures surrounding the amount we are spending on healthcare and wellbeing initiatives.


Wellness In The Workplace

After discussing healthcare and wellness costs, the conversation moved towards the workplace and how design can change the way people work and the levels at which they are engaged. It provided an interesting look at what can be done to keep productivity up, while providing an environment that keeps employees healthy and happy. It was found that we spend at least 36% of our time working, the most percentage of time spent on just one aspect of our lives. With that in mind, what can be done to ensure wellness in the workplace?


Observations & Solutions For Wellness Improvement

Our presenter for the event, James Brewer of Steelcase, reviewed some factors that can be of detriment or distraction in the workplace. With each of these factors, he offered a solution that could dramatically improve wellbeing.

Issue: With different work activities occurring on a daily basis, spaces are often inflexible to the specialized needs of each task. This can cause “work arounds”, tension and stress between groups of associates – directly affecting their wellbeing.

Solution: “Palette of Place”: Companies need to offer a variety of areas that can be used for the different tasks and needs of their associates. Having café areas and small conference rooms can help for groups who need to collaborate, without distracting those that may need more focus on their task at hand. It is beneficial to offer library areas and hoteling stations for the quieter needs of workers.

Issue: People often work in unhealthy ways, without knowing the implications of the bad habits. In a stress-filled, busy world, our health and physical activity is often the first thing to take the backseat.

Solution: “Palette of Posture”: Having the ability to change the posture and positioning of oneself throughout the day is extremely important to an individuals’ wellbeing. With options to stand at high top tables, move throughout the office with wheeling workstations, and change the height of tables and chairs can make the world of a difference to the workers health.

Issue: Workers have emotional needs that need to be fulfilled in the office. It goes beyond simply feeling connected to other associates, but also that they are part of the workplace and its culture. This is particularly heightened but when companies have various office locations, making it more challenging for associates to feel connected to one another.

Solution: “Palette of Presence”:  Although technology has greatly improved the ease of collaborative experiences, there are often times where real-time interaction is key. Companies are implementing video conferencing rooms, where teams across various locations can work on projects with a live video feed of the room. Rather than picking up the phone or sending an email if they have a question, they can simply speak to the person on camera in real-time.

Overall the workshop was a great tool to learn some more about the importance of sound design in the workplace. Thank you to James, as well as Steelcase  & CoreNet for hosting the event! (All of the information above was provided by the Steelcase team).