Concrete Inspiration Board

With so many applications & options for concrete and poured floors, there are endless possibilities for design. Consolidated’s Floor Leveling Division has mastered the newest trend in corporate interiors – poured flooring. Check out some our installs, as well as other inspiring photos that represent concrete!

Concrete Mood Board

  1. Poured Concrete Office Installation by Consolidated Carpet
  2. Inspirational Words via Habitually Chic
  3. Concrete Finishes via Interiors-Designed
  4. Poured Concrete Art Gallery Installation by Consolidated Carpet
  5. Concrete, Tile & Wood Installation via Designwebwinkel
  6. Poured Concrete Office via Fast Co Labs
  7. Salvador Dali Museum Poured Concrete Staircase via Pinterest

The Importance of Surveying, Floor Leveling & Pours


One of the most important aspects of a flooring installation is the leveling of the subfloor. Without a level or cohesive foundation below wood, stone, or even carpet can cause products to become easily damaged. Ensuring a proper level floor is important to the lasting success of an install.

Many of today’s corporate spaces have high end finishes that are installed after the flooring is complete. These finishes sometimes cannot tolerate more than a 1/4 inch disparity in the floor over a 200-foot run. Floor leveling surveys ensure proper construction for all flooring finishes. Surveys help to see what disparities exist in the subfloor and if pours and leveling need to be completed.

Wondering why floor leveling is so vital to the finishing of a space? Here are some additional reasons for completing surveys and leveling:

  • Construction of glass office fronts and demountable wall systems
  • Slab deflection beyond finished floor or office front tolerances
  • Poor finishing, rain damage, or premature setup during the concrete construction stage
  • Space converted into residential or commercial offices
  • Loose or dis-bonded condition of existing floor slab
  • Sound or fire requirement on wood frame projects
  • Leveling required on concrete plank construction, due to camber requirement for weight loads
  • Concrete finished floors by design for aesthetic look