Concrete Inspiration Board

With so many applications & options for concrete and poured floors, there are endless possibilities for design. Consolidated’s Floor Leveling Division has mastered the newest trend in corporate interiors – poured flooring. Check out some our installs, as well as other inspiring photos that represent concrete!

Concrete Mood Board

  1. Poured Concrete Office Installation by Consolidated Carpet
  2. Inspirational Words via Habitually Chic
  3. Concrete Finishes via Interiors-Designed
  4. Poured Concrete Art Gallery Installation by Consolidated Carpet
  5. Concrete, Tile & Wood Installation via Designwebwinkel
  6. Poured Concrete Office via Fast Co Labs
  7. Salvador Dali Museum Poured Concrete Staircase via Pinterest

Installer Spotlight: Praise For Our Team

The foundation of our business is our installers. When Consolidated Carpet started in 1943, we were an installation-only organization. As we’ve grown and developed, we have taken on sales and contracting – but the high quality installations have remained the heart of our business.

Frequently, clients and partners in the industry reach out to our team to praise our installers for their outstanding craftsmanship and productivity. We are honored and proud of such achievements, and enjoy sharing these comments with our associates at Consolidated and beyond. Here are some recent comments from projects completed in 2014. Bravo to our installers for their incredible work ethic and superior installations!

“Consolidated Carpet is doing an outstanding job … Rich and Keith are doing quality work. The collaboration and communication brought to the table by Rich and Keith is greatly appreciated. I am requesting that Rich and Keith do all of the flooring and carpeting for the [other locations] under construction.” – Head of Facilities at Major Healthcare Project in New York Metropolitan Area

“As we begin the closeout on our recent 55th floor project, I wanted to reach out and thank everyone at Consolidated, especially the project and installation teams for all their efforts in making our 55th floor project another success for our firm. Everything associated with this project was done as a collaborative team effort. We were happy again to have all of you as part of the team.” – Head of Facilities at a Major NYC  Law Firm

“Just a note of thanks for a job well done. The 18th and 19th floors look great. The drop-in tiles, especially on the 19th floor, look awesome. Your team of guys did great job. James and Todd [are] very excellent foremen and it was a pleasure working with them and all of your installers. Please convey to the installers how much I appreciate the job they did for me over the last 6 weekends.” – Facilities Manager at Major Corporate Project in NYC

“He was the best! Everything looks great. Thank you so much!!” – Designer at Major NYC Architecture Firm

“Just wanted to say thanks to all of you for the great job you did with the carpet for our complex. Everything looks great and it went quickly and was relatively painless. Please thank Javier, Richie, and all of the attendants. Great team work!” – Facilities Manager at Major Corporate Project in NYC

Flooring For Law Firms

With 21 out of the 25 top law firms in New York City as clients of Consolidated, we’ve gained years of experience in the sourcing and servicing the distinct needs of law firms. With such in depth knowledge in the market, we understand the unique challenges of working with law firms across the country, including firms with multiple office locations.

What Differentiates Law Firms From Typical Corporate Projects?

Law firms require quick turnaround for projects, often needing the process to be streamlined with facilities managers, operations managers or firm administrators. Close coordination with these individuals to ensure proper installation and maintenance are taken care of is of utmost importance to the project. In addition, often times the installations occur in occupied spaces – requiring that normal daily business operations are not disrupted.

Products that are found in law firms are often high quality wovens, stone, and wood. Color schemes vary from market to market, but most commonly in an urban setting like New York City, neutral colors such as light gray and beige are often chosen.

Going Green?

Many law firms we have serviced in the past several decades share our passion for sustainability. We help our clients navigate “green” options and establish the best goals, expectations and outcomes for their unique project needs and business objectives. Consolidated Carpet also utilizes LEED-recognized practices to support the efforts of clients seeking LEED certification, a desirable achievement for many of the law firms we have worked with in the past.

Flooring For Healthcare

Great Room

One of the most important investments a healthcare facility makes is on their flooring. It is the one tangible feature of their buildings that every patient, doctor, and visitor comes into contact with. At Consolidated Carpet, we understand the specific requirements of healthcare design & are knowledgeable in the procedures & products that best suit these unique needs. What makes healthcare facilities unique is the fact that every piece of the environment from the lighting to the flooring, has a direct effect on the healing process for patients. Maintaining a quiet, peaceful facility that has heavy foot traffic and a great deal of noise is a challenge for those in charge of these healthcare locations. Luckily, there are a wide variety of products on the market that help keep the space clean and quiet, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Different Needs for Different Facilities

The different markets of healthcare facilities vary in their specific requirements to meet the needs of doctors, nurses, patients, and their family members. For example, hospital and medical centers often install more resilient products than carpet, as they are easier to disinfect in locations that have higher requirements for cleanliness. Senior care facilities often have carpet that makes walking and roller mobility easier on those living and working in the space. Laboratories and clean rooms call for static dissipative products, as well as those that help to prevent contamination. In all locations, way finding is vital to those moving throughout the facility, and can be enhanced with the proper flooring specifications.

Healthcare Product Attributes

Most healthcare facilities, while their specific needs may be somewhat different, typically look for products with the following attributes:

  • Stain resistance
  • Slip resistance
  • Anti-bacterial & anti-microbial
  • Sound mitigation

Performance & Maintenance

Because the flooring in a healthcare facility is such an important investment and aid to keeping patients healthy, proper maintenance is key. Maintenance begins before the flooring is even installed, by ensuring that the subfloor is level to avoid buckling, denting, or tripping hazards in the finished flooring. Once installed, manufacturer recommendations and standards should be followed to clean and sterilize the products, as well as keep a slip resistant surface.

Flooring For Hospitality Clients

As an organization with a strong foundation in hospitality installations, we have maintained a great deal of knowledge in this market throughout our 70 years in business. Many leading hotels, restaurants, and clubs look to Consolidated for our decades of experience and expertise servicing the hospitality industry. From boutique properties to national chains, our team is skilled and capable to handle the unique challenges and specialty products found in hospitality projects. These clients have spaces often known for their plush and glamorous décor. Using high-quality materials such as woven broadloom carpet, custom rugs, and in some recent projects, stone and wood, our team helps to fortify the luxurious ambience. Out-of-service spaces means loss of dollars and usage.

Guestrooms & Suites

The guestrooms and suites of hotels require high-quality, comfortable products installed with as little seaming as possible. Broadloom carpet is a great solution for these spaces and are often used in neutral striations and patterns. With the emergence of boutique hotels and contemporary designs, many hotels have opted for a bold and bright color palette with exciting patterns and unique décor.

Public Spaces & Common Areas

The needs for public areas require more durable products, as there is heightened foot traffic from guests and patrons. These installations are often in darker hues, larger patterns, and made from stronger, more stain resistant fibers. In spaces like the Fitness Center below, slip resistant resilient floors with a woven texture are a great option to ensure proper grip on the floor, while offering the hotel staff the ability for quick and effective cleaning.

Bars & Restaurants

Although bars, restaurants, and lounges often have the same luxurious feel as hotels, many spaces use carpet tile for their ease of installation and ability to change or replace if damaged or stained. The types, colors, and patterns of products are dependent upon the overall design aesthetic and theme of the space.

Site Feature: Unique Turf Installations Part 3

Campari America’s American Honey Bar-sity Athletics Social Sports Program

Photo courtesy of Twitter user @KayArmstrong

Photo courtesy of Twitter user @KayArmstrong

In April 2013, Campari America hosted their first ever American Honey Bar-sity Athletics Social Sports Program celebrity kickball game. Taking place in Times Square, we installed an American Honey branded turf where celebrities like Ryan Lochte and Donovan McNabb played an exciting game of childhood favorite sport, kickball.  Proceeds from the charity event went to the Boston Red Cross to help the victims of the Boston bombing tragedy. Below are some photos from the event and from our social media platforms.

The Foundation Of Our Flooring: Our Installers

As a labor house that was started in 1943, we have always known the importance of quality installations. For over 50 years we didn’t sell products, but rather just the installation for many large scale projects in the New York Metro area, and around the country. The foundation of our business always has been our exceptional installers and we’re proud of the skills and achievements they have acquired over the years.


  • Forbo Master Certification
  • Nora Pro Certification
  • Altro Technical Academy Training Course Certification
  • INSTALL Certification
  • NWFA Certification

Skilled In Installing

  • Carpet
  • Resilient Flooring – Vinyl, Rubber, Cork
  • Wood
  • Stone, Tile
  • Sports Flooring – Specialty, Turf
  • Floor Leveling & Pours