Vendor Feature: Mohawk Group



Mohawk Group, the commercial arm of one of the largest carpet manufacturers in the world, Mohawk Industries, has solidified their position at the top of the pack. With cutting edge designs, innovative manufacturing processes, and a passion for sustainability, Mohawk Group is a great choice for a variety of commercial interior applications.

Street Thread Collection

One of Mohawk’s newest and most unique collections of carpet tile, Street Thread, takes urban design and puts in on the floor. With geometric and linear patterns reminiscent of graffiti, the 4 styles of the Street Thread Collection complement each other for a funky & fun installation. All constructed with Duracolor Premium Nylon, the styles each come in 8 colorways with a foundation of varying shades of gray highlighted by vibrant accent colors such as red, yellow, blue and magenta.

“Off The Wall” has a high-fashion geometric design compromised of small squares diagonally placed across each carpet tile. With linear striations, best suited as drop-in accents with “Off The Wall”, the” Pop Icon” style has a wonderful shading transition from neutral gray to exciting brights. “Super Fresh” has a curvy, circular pattern based off artwork by Queen Andrea, quoting lyrics from John Lennon’s “Imagine”. The last style in the Street Thread Collection, “Taped Off”,  has a stand-out linear pattern with varying thicknesses, mirroring the look of spray painting over tape.

Street Art Inspiration at Mohawk Group's NYC Showroom

Street Art Inspiration at Mohawk Group’s NYC Showroom


Mohawk wants you to “Dare To Be Wild” with their newest collection, Renegade. Designed specially to mix and match between the 8 styles in any and every installation method, Renegade can help to bring out your inner desires for chaos, while keeping the design classic. Available in 9 color ways ranging from neutral grays, tans, and browns – the collection is constructed from Colorstrand SD Nylon Fiber. With linear striations, shading patterns and accent lines throughout the design of the collection – Renegade is simple, yet effective.

One of the best features of the Renegade Collection is their Quickship product line. Styles “Reckless”, “Headstrong”, “Riot” & “Venturesome” are all quickship – allowing you to order up to 2,000 square yards with a guarantee that it will be delivered in 10 business days or less.

Silk Road

Looking for a luxurious, international palette of flooring in lush colors and textures? Then Silk Road is the perfect collection for you. “Inspired by the decorative silks and carpets that traveled across deserts and were a significant factor in the expansion of great civilization, Silk Road takes broadloom carpet to a new dimension with its highly complex pattern articulation.” With natural patterns of ikats and foliage, complemented in colorways ranging through clays, slates, and greenery, Silk Road is perfect for Hospitality or Healthcare applications. The collection captures and transports you to worlds away to marketplaces of the Middle East and Asia where these designs are prominent.

silk road

Mohawk Group’s Silk Road Collection

Mohawk Group: Making A Difference

With company roots existing for over 150 years, Mohawk Group has positioned themselves to be one of the most community-involved carpet manufacturers around the world. The company manufactures products from post-consumer recycled materials, such as water bottles. A matter of fact, one of their recycling facilities “recycles 3 billion plastic bottles per year, the equivalent of 20 percent of all bottles in the domestic post-consumer market,” to be converted to Everstrand carpet. In 2001, Mohawk started “Specify For A  Cure“, a campaign to give back to Susan G. Komen For The Cure. When you specify 500 yards of carpet or more from any of the seven eligible Mohawk Group carpet collections or any Durkan print carpet, the company pledges to donate $.25 per square yard of carpet sold to Susan G. Komen. These community programs are just the beginning of many amazing environmental and community outreach programs sponsored by Mohawk Group. We encourage you to visit their website at to learn more about the amazing things this great manufacturer is doing!


* All photos courtesy of Mohawk Group


Vendor Feature: Interface

When it comes to carpet tile, Interface has commonly been referred to as a standard in the industry. Around in Europe since 1955, the organization aims to create a quality line of carpet tiles, while giving back to the community and being environmentally responsible. By the time Ray Anderson, along with a group of investors, brought the modular tile to America in the early 1970’s, the stage had been set for Interface to manufacture a cutting-edge, durable, and well-designed product. Most recently, Interface has been at the forefront of designing and producing some of the most innovative carpet tiles on the market. Here are some of their newest, most versatile collections on the market.

Net Effect Collection

Taking inspiration from the flowing and swelling of the world’s oceans and seas, Net Effect features 6 styles that coordinate with one another to create a beautiful and unique finished installation. With 8 colorways in hues found at the shoreline, from the grays of “Artic”, “North Sea”, “Black Sea” and “Caspian”, the blues of “Atlantic” and “Pacific to the tans of “Driftwood” and “Sand”, there are a variety of applications to mix and match. The Net Effect Collection is a socially-responsible line, with the yarn created from recycled from discarded fishing nets. The collection of the nets helps to clean beaches and waters of small villages in the Philippines – providing income to help the area’s population.

B601, B602, B603

Styles B601, B602, and B603 are reminiscent of waves crashing on the shore. With random patterns looking like currents and sea foam, the products make for a uniquely dynamic installation. These styles are available in square 50 cm x 50 cm tiles and are constructed in a tufted pattern loop. Styles B601 and B602 are created from 64% recycled content, with B603 at 63%.

B701, B702, B703

Net Effect styles B701, B702, and B703 feature a more linear striation, inspired by the calm fluidity of the ocean, as well as the natural lines of driftwood and sticks floating in the current. The 25 cm x 1m planks are particularly impactful when installed in either an ashlar or herringbone pattern. Each style is constructed differently – B701 tufted sheared, B702 tufted pattern loop, and B703 tufted cut pile – which creates an interesting aesthetic when placed together. In addition, these styles have between 61% – 79% recycled content.

Trio & Duo

With the endless design possibilities of plank tiles, Interface’s Trio and Duo styles complement each other to create a classic aesthetic for any space. With tufted cut and loop construction created with 63% recycled content, the 25cm x 1m plank tiles can be installed in ashlar and herringbone patterns. The neutral colorways from grays and beiges to browns are muted and comforting. Trio offers a linear pattern with lines of varying thickness running lengthwise down the center of the plank. Trio’s complement, Duo, has subtle linear shading that serves as a more neutral backdrop to Trio’s pattern. In addition, Trio and Duo are both great additions to patterns featuring the Net Effect Collection.

The products above are the tip of the iceberg of interesting, colorful, and fun carpet tiles. Interface has built an exceptional online community, where customers and followers can stay informed about new products, company initiatives, and trends in the industry. With the launch of their updated website and presence on social media – Interface has created a fun and creative community for design professionals and fans alike. We encourage you to visit their new website at and check out one of our favorite parts of their social media community – their Pinterest page.


*all photos courtesy of Interface

Vendor Feature: Bentley Mills

We’re fortunate to work with a variety of great flooring manufacturers with incredible product lines. One of these vendors is Bentley Mills, a California-based carpet manufacturer with beautiful collections of carpet tile and broadloom. With urban roots and inspiration, Bentley has a lengthy catalog of chic designs to use in all types of settings.

Hitchhiker & Savage Journey

With a simple, yet captivating linear design, Hitchhiker is a versatile choice from Bentley’s Western Edge Collection. Manufactured with Antron Lumena Nylon, the product is solution dyed and available in 12 colorways with neutrals and earth tones taking center stage. Bentley was inspired by “wiry, spindly vegetation in the desert” – a natural pattern that’s an easy stunner in any space. Also in the Western Edge Collection, Savage Journey is a coordinating product of Hitchhiker, with a smaller scale of the same pattern. Both products are available in broadloom, square tiles and plank tiles, and some of the most intriguing installations of these products feature plank shapes installed in a herringbone pattern (as seen in the below photo on the right).

Dry Lake & Salt Creek

Not to be outdone but their partners in the Western Edge Collection, Dry Lake & Salt Creek have complex linear patterns that stand out from the crowd. Available in the same standard 12 colorways as all the products in Western Edge, these products feature linear striations, opposed to the more geometric rectangular linear patterns as Hitchhiker and Savage Journey. As seen in the photo below, the use of “drop-in” accent tiles make the simple pattern pop, even when found in neutral colors.

Morro & Uluru

From the Interior Design Magazine Award-winning Clodagh Design’s Monolith™ Collection, the products have a tribal, yet sophisticated feel. With a natural pattern mimicking bark, Morro has linear striations dissecting each other in each direction. Uluru features a small scale grid pattern similar to the look of small stacked bricks. Both Morro and Uluru come in loop and shear styles and are manufactured with Antron® Legacy Nylon. Even though there are 27 standard colorways in neutrals and muted colors, there are over 185 options to choose  primary and accent colors from in Bentley’s “Create Color” tool, which gives you over 34,200 color combinations to choose from. To fit various backing needs, there are 5 different backings to choose on both of these products: High PerformancePC™, Optimum Barrier™ II, Prestige PlusRC™, Optimum BarrierRC™ II Cushion, and Easy Street Cushion.

Gotham Rises

The sophisticated, moody Gotham Rises carpet is another recent Bentley addition, available in 17 piece-dyed colorways ranging from to deep jewel tones to classic neutrals. Manufactured with Antron® Legacy Nylon, the “Create Color” tool can also be used to custom color the striped pattern with contrasting lines of various sizes. The collection is inspired by the saturated colors and simple lines commonly found in comic books, and the color names all follow the superhero theme with fun names such as “Justice Prevails”, “Hero of the Night”, and “Dynamic Duo”.

Not only does Bentley produce a superior product – they have a strong corporate culture, are involved in the community, and are passionate about sustainability. As a company, Bentley has frequently placed on lists for the best places to work in Los Angeles. Their glamorous products are commonly found on red carpet runways at major events and awards celebrations, including Presidential Inaugurations. Most importantly, Bentley has a level of awareness for sustainability, waste reduction, and reclamation that has placed them at the forefront of environmentally-friendly practices in the flooring industry.

All photos courtesy of Bentley Mills. We encourage you to visit the Bentley Mills Los Angeles Facebook Page and Bentley Mills Website for more photos and information.