What Does “Legacy” Mean?

Mark Breslin - LegacyLast week, our associates were treated to a discussion with renowned teamwork and construction expert Mark Breslin. Breslin, a 30 year veteran of the construction industry and part of his family’s fourth generation business, frequently travels to organizations much like Consolidated Carpet to engage in dialogue with their associates on a variety of topics. The audience, comprised of Consolidated Carpet Executives, union-trained installers and foremen, and office staff, eagerly participated in the discussion.

The overarching theme of the discussion with Mark was legacy. As we celebrate our 70th Anniversary of being in business, our company has experienced legacy in many ways throughout the 20th and 21st Centuries. But what Mark brought to the forefront was the idea that legacy is not just your reputation over an extended period of time, but rather a combination of various things.

When asked, our associates discussed what “legacy” meant to them: opportunity, sustainability, the impression you leave behind for others. Mark implored our team to remember that day in and day out, they are not just contributing to Consolidated Carpet’s legacy, but their own.

Legacy is about engagement. Teamwork. Brand quality and integrity. Leadership. And most importantly, legacy is living and leading to your fullest potential. Our associates took a great deal away from the dialogue with Mark Breslin, but the greatest impression left the audience asking “Why not me?” when thinking about who can leave a lasting legacy.

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